Moving Checklist

Follow this Informative Moving Checklist and Calendar 

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The thought of moving to another city, country or town is exciting. But behind those excitements are piles of things you need to do before the moving date. There are papers to be processed, new home to be prepared and things to pack. It could be overwhelming if you’re moving for the first time. Aside from the whole process being time-consuming, it’s also labor intensive. The best way to do this smoothly as possible, is to start early. In line with this, we are sharing with you the checklist you can follow.  

Moving Checklist

8 Weeks Before 

If you don’t want to lose paper works along the way, make sure you keep them in a folder. The folder should have the mortgage papers, receipts, estimates and packing lists. Next, do an inventory of the stuff you’re taking so you would determine how many boxes you need. If you see stuff you won’t anymore, donate them or sell them. If you need appliances for the new home, order them as early as possible. 

6 Weeks Before 

It would be difficult to move on your own, especially across country or state. So start looking for cheapest moving company Florida, get their estimate and check customer feedback. If you’re moving a grand piano, pool tables, jacuzzi and other special items, look for moving companies that specialize in those. Don’t forget to call the utility companies so they know then to turn off the utilities om your home. As early as this time, you should prepare packing your belongings.  

4 Weeks Before 

You can now start packing the things you frequently use, like clothes or even appliances. Make sure you assign boxes by room, so unpacking would be easy. Mark these boxes so it would b easy to track them, and list down all the items in the box. Your wardrobe and special items like TVs and computers should have specialized containers. If you’re disassembling some appliances, make sure that the hardware is sealed in plastic bags and taped to the item.  

Next thing to do at this point is change your address. Give your new address to bank and credit card companies, employer, family members and friends. Inform all the organizations you’re part of.  

2 Weeks Before 

At this point, you should finish packing your belongings, with the mot used items as the last ones. Put these items on a box and label them, because these are the things you’ll need when you first arrive at your new home. Confirm the dates with the utility and moving company. You should have a “first night” box for each family member. It would be draining for everyone to look for their clothes and toiletries in the pile of boxes you’re moving.  

Moving Day 

The day has finally come and you’re on your new home already. You should arrive before the moving truck, so you can decide where the furniture goes (it’s also better if you have a plan already). Unpack the things for the bedroom first, so if everyone is tired after a day of unpacking they can just directly rest.  


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