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Risks of Towing Your Car

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Vehicles breakdown or fail every single day and for different reasons. You might have a dead battery which needs to be changed on the spot or have trouble with your car engine. No matter what the case is, you will surely need the help of a professional and experienced towing company. As a matter of fact, you should also need to take into account the different risks associated with car towing. The following are some of the few risks of towing your car and how to prevent those risks: 

  1. Reckless Towing of Your Car

Under no circumstances must the towing staff stand on the truck sides. It is because, one abrupt turn could be a disaster for everyone, most especially to the staff members standing at the sides, holding on to your car. You should ride inside your vehicle all the time with the doors always locked. 

  1. All About the Tires

Flat or blown out tires are basically one of the most common, yet, major issues which should be addressed as soon as possible. Fix any flat tires prior to hoisting them onto the towing vehicle, particularly the flatbed truck. In addition to that, tires should also be changed in order to prevent it from flipping over because of instability. Having said that, you should check the tire pressure gauge as well for an extra safety precaution. 

  1. Sharp Turns

You must drive slower than your normal drive on sharp turns or steep downhill slopes. Not only will you cause severe damage to the chassis and axle of the truck, you might also totally topple over and lose control, therefore, you should be very careful. 

  1. Emergency Tools

You should have one of these emergency tools inside your car for emergency purposes. Each professional towing service provider like Fayetteville Towing Service PROS must have a complete emergency tool set with all the needed equipment kept inside the car. The basic tools should include a red fluorescent triangle lamp, spare tires, personalized spare tires a flashlight in the truck. You should always be ready. 

Not a Towing Vehicle 

Do not ever try to connect a bigger car to a sedan or modern SUV. Trailer hitches are not suitable for all cars. Your car should actually meet the requirements prior to hooking up any trailers. 

Visibility Problems 

Visibility becomes lessen when it gets dark and during a bad weather condition. Just make sure that you keep your headlights on all the time, and also, make sure that you pay closer attention to road signs as well always slow down for pedestrians. 

Proper Tools 

Check the owner’s manual in order to make sure you have the right tools and your car can manage the weight capacity of your load as well as the right tools to be used. 


Stabilize your load by driving at a very slow pace and following the speed limit rules to avoid the truck from swaying. However, this very dangerous procedure may push the truck over, therefore, you should be aware of your speed. 

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